Drag and drop shows + a bug
  • Hi!

    Is drag and drop supported in the calendar view?
    If not, all I have to say doesn't matter.
    But if it is, then... from the picture attached we observe:
    1. If you drop a show on another one, they remain overlapped.
    2. The show that is now edited "test3" start at 12:00 and ends at 15:00. In the calendar we see another start/end time for it (I drag and dropped it there). Even worse happened at resizing shows. I left two shows overlapped and now I can listen the stream, in the now playing page the information is correct but on top of page I see "Nothing Scheduled". This also happened in airtime 2.0.0, but after upgrade everything was ok. Now I think it's because those shows overlap.

    Bug. In 2.0.1 you solved this bug: http://dev.sourcefabric.org/browse/CC-3285 24 hour show fails to calculate total play time and gives a false warning to users. Now if I add content to a 24h show it shows me no warning at all. Even the content of the show is 25h long in the left side of the progress bar it shows: 23:59:59. Again, no warning that the show will be cut off.

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    We allow you to only overlap shows temporarily - when the show starts, there cannot be overlapped shows because it wont work, as you have observed.  We allowed users to overlap shows so that it would make it easier to move shows around, especially when you have a full calendar.  Can you please explain the use case for having one show inside of another?

    Drag and drop is supported for most shows, but not repeated show instances.

    The 24 hour show/playlist problem will be solved better in 2.1.