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Here all is....slow and painful but there are some great features to be implemented
  • Scheduling the key audio elements in a broadcast.With Airtime is like going back to the stone age. everything is done file by fyle manually playlisting a show. doesn't make any sense.


    want a tip ? i think should be easy for skilled people like the airtime staff...   give the possibility of tagging the audio files and then use that taging system to for example schedulling an entire hour or show. In that way we could populate it with a pre-determined structure of files like music jingles of different tagged files. and as for the airtime pro wich i'm evaluating? deleting the files one by one? not for me.


    thank you for your time.


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  • Hi Rafael,

    Some of your points have already been addressed in the upcoming Airtime 2.1. For example, you can select multiple playlist items and schedule/delete them.

    Also upcoming is a random playlist feature, as well as the ability to generate playlists based on some user-defined criteria (genre etc.)

    Airtime Pro Hosting: http://airtime.pro
  • Hello Martin.

    Thanks for your info. Also got here

    and theres a lot of features/requests for the future.

    I know this is open source and for that it's really cool but speaking of Airtime Pro service it's very expensive for the actual features of the service. But speaking of the open source version for download in linux platform i think it's very important to have all this good people working to get around and improve the system. Free software is the only way for a free society !
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    Another note: prices are going down this week - stay tuned.