Deploying to Google App Engine?
  • If one wanted to run BookType on their GAE account, would you deploy it just like any other Django type application? Does BookType / Sputnik have any gotcha's?

    If you guys have a quick-start guide for that (even in rough form) lying around, that would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise I'll try and cobble it together and post it here if I'm successful. 
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  • Interesting question. I dont think there are any gotchas but I will ask Aco the lead dev to reply - he will have a better idea than me. If you try before he can reply please let us know how you got on.

  • I looked at django-nonrel and then the deprecated guide for GAE deploys and am not sure which if either would work due to the way google does "files".

    I made it a little further on openshift since they had this nice starter app you can checkout on how to deploy but I was still unable to get booki to run do to issues openshift had with me merging the and wanting me to re-run 

    I'm really not too familiar with Django other then a user so I'm a bit stuck. 
  • hey Andrew,

    Not sure how to help you with this at this moment as I dont know anyone that has tried installing booktype with openshift - but i will ask around. Hopefully someone reading this might have some tips.