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Browser issues with Airtime
  • Hi,

    hope someone here will be able to support us on this.

    We use mainly Firefox 10 but also Explorer 7 and 8 and Chrome. When we start an Airtime session for schedule management or content management we can perform maximum 3 actions with a good speed, after that the browser become slow, sometimes the "Application not responding" appear and we have no choice than wait. Some times the faster way to overcome is close the session and open another one.

    The issue is crucial because we're planning to move to the production Airtime enviroment in a couple of day and our schedule is already very crowded.

    Thanks in advance for supporting

    Station Manager
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  • Hi Dario, 

    Is this only on the Calendar page? Or in tabs as well?
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  • Hi Martin,

    mainly in the calendar page in the way I described but the worst experience is creating a new show particularly using the mouse to move from one field to an other. A little better using the TAB button to move between the fields. But after the first show created the process become slower..slower.. slower.

    In my past message I miss to give you an informatione: the cpu load during the actions in Airtime grows up to 85% on every machine. 

    We're facing this with every browser mentioned working on 3 different computers connected to the Internet with 2 different connections. 


  • What version of Airtime is this?
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  • 2.0.0, succesfully installed on a Debian Squeeze VPS

    It works great, this is the only issue we're facing...
  • Thanks for the report, we will be looking into this very soon.

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  • Hi Martin

    I have an interesting update about this issue.
    Today we tested the different calendar viewes and we found out that the issue hilighted in this discussion does not appear managing the schedule in the daily view.

    So, just to resume... the browser becomes slow up to not respond ONLY in the weekly view.

    Hope this helpful.

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    Thanks for the bug report, we have created a ticket for it: