Airtime Hacks?
  • I've been researching radio automation and station management software, and I've been really impressed by Airtime.   Thanks for your effort!  That said, there are a few key features that I think airtime really needs to suit my needs, so I've looked into adding some of it myself.

    As a starter and to get my feet wet with the code, I wrote a PHP hack that checks for gaps in programming in the upcoming hour, and creates random shows with random tracks in the spaces.   It also fills in gaps with stations IDs as defined by a pre-existing playlist.  I'm not planning on using it for music in production, so I'm not doing any analysis of genre or BPM or anything like that.

    I know the way I've seen doing it is through some liquidsoap hack, but I'd rather have everything appear right in Airtime.   I'll also probably write a script to trim the random stuff out after a few days so as to not clutter the interface.

    Is this interesting to the dev team?

    Also, I'm another one of those guys that's going to really want an external stream as a source.   Is it worth taking a crack at it, or should I wait for something that you guys have in mind?
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    I want to say : 2 & 1 ...
    but they are for different need

    the 1 : for doing link between radios or webradios (for example in France we can airtime RFI freely during 10 minuts for breaking news). That' will be a great feature for a lot of us

    the 2 : because is the most important thing to do for a radio
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  • Hi Sam,

    It would be interesting to see the code for random songs when nothing is scheduled. 

    As for the using an external stream as a source, we currently have a ticket open:
    Airtime Pro Hosting:
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    Hi Sam -
    We welcome all code hacks :)  We would love to see what you've built.

    We've heard of at least two ways that users would like stream rebroadcasting:

    1) Scheduled/Preplanned.  The stream is put into the schedule and given a begin and end time. 

    2) On the fly.  You can send a stream to Airtime at any time, and it will replace whatever is currently being broadcast with the input stream.  (using liquidsoap input.harbor()).

    Which way are you thinking? (We would also like to hear everyone's feedback about which one is more important for them)

    - Paul
  • i would agree with albert. The ability to interrupt and cover up the radio would be very nice, but not always the right solution for the job, being able to schedule some things would be very nice.

    but i would think that the most important is the on the fly method. with this method you could do a little of both.(schedule a silent audio file to run during the scheduled interrupt, and just talk over the silence). 

    My concern is more so how the interrupt would preform, if the interrupt is choppy i think i would end up hating it. if it pulls the default fade to cross fade into the new sound file, it would be super useful. thats my two cents

  • Reply to @Martin+Konecny: i am not sure how Sam did it, but it is really simple to implement, you actually already do it, (you just make random noise not songs) : 

    HUGE down side is no logging... i need to figure that out before it is useful
  • Reply to @camerin: no logging what? In Airtime web status bar?
    I am wonder how to force Airtime music (just songs) database to play when nothing sheduled. In fallback folder solutions we need make diffrent music folder and moving songs it's not so comfortable but from another hand we can easy make folder weights - So I do not know myself