Streaming bitrates and formats - what are you using at your station?
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    Hello Airtime users,

    Please tell us which streaming bitrates and formats you use at your station. MP3 or Ogg Vorbis, or something else? Is anyone streaming below 64kbps or above 128kbps? Have you experimented with constant and average bitrates? Your responses will help us improve Airtime and its documentation.


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  • 128kbps MP3 here - would love to use a lower bitrate AAC+ stream, but when I tried getting it working it went horribly wrong! 
  • As far as I can say, because we have not reach the final stage and switched to production, we have planned to broadcast mainly using MP3 & 128 Kb/s CBR.
    Vorbis would have been interesting (better quality, more compressed files, open source) but bandswith fluctuates more compared to MP3.
    For legal purposes, we also record 24/7 our stream using MP3, mono, 24 Kb/s CBR.
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  • Hello!
    In Bieszczady.FM we are mainly using two formats MP3 128Kbps and AAC+ 24Kbps (for mobile clients) also Ogg Vorbis is set up but just for test. All in stereo.

    It's sad that Ogg Vorbis habe support problem for mplayer and VLC.
  • For our main broadcasts around the day we use 256 kbit MP3 CBR - 2CH stream. When we go live from a party or club it depends on the available upload speed of the location (mainly 192 kbit CBR - 2CH though). We have chosen MP3 for the widely acceptance of internet users/listeners. Works with every (almost then ;)) client / browser.
  • 192kbit for recording and streaming