Install faiulre on shared hosting
  • Hi,

    I just installed Newscoop on my webspace and noticed two warning from the pre-installation check : 

    Rewrite modules : can't be checked 
    APC (Php Cache) Support : NO

    I considered them but continued the install and now I have a blank page instead of the website. 
    Can you tell me if I need to ftp again all files ? 
    Can I rewrite only files and folders modified by the set-up ? 
    What folders are ? 

     many thanks
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    check apache error.log file. It looks like there is some php error
  • Thank you Andrey,
    I can't find this file error.log,
    I'll ftp again all files onto another hosting ( to try again
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  • sorry, too much problems, warnings etc, I abandone
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    If we can help anyhow, let us know!