Who's using Airtime?
  • Hi folks, we're looking to expand our Airtime Testimonials page - if there's anyone who is using Airtime for any kind of radio station, and would like to be featured on our site, please get in touch!

    Many thanks!
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  • My Ass Radio, Grand Forks, North Dakota
    We are currently in the programming(both show and website) and recruiting stages. Plans are to use Airtime and Icecast as launching platforms for a small open source radio station. So far we have implemented Airtime as our test platform and are building from there. Our goal is build a cheap community operated radio station that abides by all FCC requirements and doesn't require licencing. Our group of hardware and software hobbyist will be working on some support products for our airtime server. As we develop these pieces we will be releasing information to other airtime users. Will be located at myassradio.com (currently our Airtime Test Server)

  • Ill post a full testimonial when we will include airtime in our production cycle again as a full media server. Atm airtime is only used for the widgets which display the shows aired. Where waiting for a production save version which includes the backup of server settings /playlist and easy transfers to new hardware without loosing all the hard work we put into it. Mind me we still love airtime and are very grateful for its development !

    Radio A6
  • Hey Adam. We have just launched a purely online (i.e. no studio component) 24/7 internet radio station in the UK at http://www.catalystradio.org

    We're hoping to get some good feedback/feature requests/bug reports heading your way soon, and I am going to be looking at tighter integration with our Rails based site, incorporating some kind of "record and podcast" feature into it.

    We're all getting used to the interface and how it works right now, and we will get a testimonial your way once we have a little experience using it.

    All the best and thanks for all the work you guys have put in, so far it has been awesome.

    JimDog (developer for www.catalystradio.org)
  • Thanks JimDog and good to hear from you - I've met with Anja a couple of times and it's great to see that you've got on air - really looking forward to your feedback and suggestions!

    Best, Adam
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    catalystradio.org looks great!

    I'd be very interested to see a case study of how you made it, if you have the time to write one up, especially how it is integrated with your CMS.
  • Hi Adam!
    You can see the the website of my webradio using AirTime!
    We will launch officialy the radio the 1st of septembre.
    Hope you like it!
    As a user, I would love to help you making AirTime even better... do not hesitate to ask!
    Keep up the good work!
    Listen to Ness Radio LIVE
  • The Farm Community, Summertown, Tennessee, USA
    I setup Campcaster for The Farm community in Summertown, Tennessee, USA -- http://thefarmcommunity.com/ . We broadcast on FM with a range of a few miles. As an advocate of free/libre/open-source (FLO) everything, I jumped at the chance to switch the radio station to a FLO stack after a lightening strike took out the previous Mac computer. After looking online for FLO radio station software, I decided that Campcaster was the best suited to our needs -- scheduled playout, manageable by computer novices, easy install. I setup a computer running Ubuntu 10.04 and Campcaster 1.4, and the radio station was back on the air. I'm back on The Farm for a few weeks, and I intend to upgrade the system to Airtime 1.8.2 and Ubuntu Studio 11.04. We would really like the smart playlist feature -- that would make scheduling much easier. In the future, the school wants to start producing content for the radio station and possibly streaming it online. That will likely become more feasible as the school transitions to FLO operating systems such as Ubuntu Studio.

    I'm about to go on a trip to Argentina to share FLO everything (software, hardware, content, business models, art, and more), and I may meet groups that want to setup radio stations -- Airtime will be my go-to choice, due to its ease of maintenance, thorough documentation, graceful features, and easy program scheduling by computer novices.

    Thanks Sourcefabric and all contributors for such functional, strategic, libre software.

    ~ Patrick Gibbs, http://mutualgift.net
  • Thanks Patrick and Younes for your details - I'll add you to our Who's Using section right away! Good luck with your stations!
  • Great tutorials on the site Camerin - thanks!
  • We're rebuilding now as we convert from an internet based music station to an internet based community radio station (advantage to being in a highly connected city).

    Will post info as soon as we're online in full under the new config.