Vote for Superdesk in Ashoka's Global Innovation Competition
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    You've seen the Superdesk video. You've read about it in Wired UK and You've seen one of the thousands of tweets that have been coming from all over the globe since we announced that we were building a newsroom tool.

    Well now, we really need you, our trusty Sourcefabric community, to help us again. Our organisation and software wouldn't be where they are today without the support you've given us. Here's another chance to shine.

    Out of 426 entries from 75 countries, Superdesk has been nominated for Ashoka's Global Innovation Competition. We'd like you to vote.

    Winning means we get extra resources and professional partners to develop this tool, which also means extra resources can be allocated to Newscoop and Airtime development. With your help we can bring amazing open source technology to newsrooms and radio stations everywhere. Thank you.

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    Voted! My whole family and all friends too :)
  • Voted b y Ashoka;) few days ago.
  • Thanks everyone! Fingers crossed! If you haven't voted yet, please do so! We really need your help!