[SOLVED] No added files to media files
  • Hello!
    When I added files to media files, its uploaded to /srv/airtime/stor/organize but I can't see it in web to add to playlist.
    Any suggestion?

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  • Update:
    know all the files I have uploaded, can't watch in library
  • Solved. Maybe a problem with rabbitmq_server, because a change the timezone and reconfigure server.
    I have uninstall and reinstall airtime and all ok!

    Thanks and excuse me!
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    Great! Stop by any time - even to share solved solution! Cheers.
  • Quick question on media upload...  got 1.9.4 running great last week on ec2 everything working great, watch folders, icecast, media upload etc...

    I upgraded to hi-cpu instance and added second 300gb ebs volume.  And broke rabbit-mq in process since hostname changed.  I removed the original mnesia database, and a restart of rabbit fixed the issue.

    I also moved the /srv  to /datafiles (the new 300gb) and added /pypo link so all cache is also in larger drive.

    Everyhing is back working including watch folders,   except when i load new media from airtime upload it is stuck in /tmp/plupload

    Cant find any reference in log files of errors, and adding stuff to watch directory is fine, they appear immediately in lib.

    Ive made sure permissions are open and match orginal conf.

    So question, 

    1) what process is responsibile for monitoring /tmp/plupload and moving to stor?
    2) what is the organise folder for.
    3) Do i need to add watch to /tmp/plupload manually?

    thanks for help, its a great project, working on skyping directly into freewitch to make a live icecast stream and will be glad to share the results, but need to get the basic server running.


  • Hey Stephen check your private messages. I'd like to verify if this is a bug before the 1.9.5 release :)
    Airtime Pro Hosting: http://airtime.pro
  • Martin, just sent you acct info, and my contact info in private message.   thanks.