Problems with new template.
  • Hello all.

    Was creating a new layout for my site when I use the "$gimme->article->full_text"

    And it does not work.

    Even in the debugger shows the error "Invalid property of object Full_text Article"

    I am using this property in article.tpl

    What is my mistake? What should I do?

    Bruno Kawakami
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  • How can I show the contents of the article without this property?
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    Hey Bruno, I believe Community will be able to help your request soon - I moved your topic to Newscoop Templates category so it gets more desired attention!
  • Hi Bruno,

    Properties you can use in the templates must correspond to those defined in your article types.

    Go in the main navigation menu to Configure -> Article Types, you will see the list of article types you have and for each the list of Fields. Those fields are the properties you can use in the templates depending on the article type. There are a few more properties which are fixed by default regardless the article type, you can find more about it in the online Template Reference here:

    Hope this helps.
  • Thanks everbody!!!