Icecast mount point
  • Hi all, I'm successfully running my first Airtime installation!

    I've got a question: is it possible to connect to Icecast with a mount point account? I've seen that by default liquidsoap connect with username source.

    What happens if I configure the mount point like this:


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    Congratulations on your first Airtime installation - maybe you want to write couple words about it here: Unfortunately I am not a techie, but our developers scan forum quiet often and it they can and time allows they will try to help for sure!
  • Are you just trying to setup a mountpoint? In Airtime 1.9, you should be able to modify /etc/airtime/liquidsoap.cfg and configure your mountpoint settings there.
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  • Yes, in liquidsoap.conf I've got:

    icecast_host = ""
    icecast_port = 8000
    icecast_pass = "xxxx"
    mount_point_vorbis = "stream.ogg"

    My question is: is it possible to specify a "icecast_user" and a "icecast_pass" to connect to a mount point that is protected by password?

  • Hi Seltzlab,

    It is not possible in 1.9.4. It is only possible to create a public mount point.
    The feature you are looking for is in 2.0.0 version. You can modify stream settings on UI in upcoming Airtime 2.0.0.

    Thank you.