"On Air" is light but no sound
  • I have installed Airtime on Ubunti 10.04 server.
    I see red box "On Air", but cannot hear any sound from stream.
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  • UPD. After playing 2-3 songs "On Air" becomes gray and no sound.
    Only 1 error found in /var/log/icecast2/error.log

    [2011-10-23 00:24:21] INFO source/source_main listener count on /airtime.ogg now 1
    [2011-10-23 00:35:47] WARN source/get_next_buffer Disconnecting source due to socket timeout
    [2011-10-23 00:35:47] INFO source/source_shutdown Source "/airtime.ogg" exiting


    2011/10/23 00:21:00 [decoder:3] Method "MP3" accepted " /var/tmp/airtime/pypo/cache/scheduler/2011-10-23-00-21-00/31 cf7f0648d5a4101ab4b7ebc5292e32.mp3 ".
    2011/10/23 00:21:00 [queue:3] Prepared " /var/tmp/airtime/pypo/cache/scheduler/2011-10-23-00-21-00/31 cf7f0648d5a4101ab4b7ebc5292e32.mp3 " (RID 0).
    2011/10/23 00:21:00 [fallback_4725:3] Switch to cue_cut_4687 with transition.
    2011/10/23 00:21:00 [cue_cut_4687:2] Ignoring negative cue-in point.
    2011/10/23 00:25:01 [queue:3] Finished with " /var/tmp/airtime/pypo/cache/scheduler/2011-10-23-00-21-00/31 cf7f0648d5a4101ab4b7ebc5292e32.mp3 ".
    2011/10/23 00:25:01 [cue_cut_4687:3] End of track before cue-out point.
    2011/10/23 00:25:01 [fallback_4725:3] Switch to src_4723 with forgetful transition.
    2011/10/23 00:25:02 [server:3] New client: localhost
    2011/10/23 00:25:02 [decoder:3] Method "OGG" accepted " /var/tmp/airtime/pypo/cache/scheduler/2011-10-23-00-25-02/e7 412e6a65efd0d4602f39a01f21c77f.ogg ".
    2011/10/23 00:25:02 [queue:3] Prepared " /var/tmp/airtime/pypo/cache/scheduler/2011-10-23-00-25-02/e7 412e6a65efd0d4602f39a01f21c77f.ogg " (RID 1).
    2011/10/23 00:25:02 [fallback_4725:3] Switch to cue_cut_4687 with transition.
    2011/10/23 00:25:02 [cue_cut_4687:2] Ignoring negative cue-in point.
    2011/10/23 00:35:36 [decoder:3] Method "MP3" accepted " /var/tmp/airtime/pypo/cache/scheduler/2011-10-23-00-25-02/65 9e9996bcab78e994ed14e1e29fd3e6.mp3 ".

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    Hey Igor,

    I am really happy to see you so active in forums. Our developers and community reads it many times a day and as soon as work allows they will try to help you. In the meantime - small suggestion from me. I saw two topics started by you - and while you wait for some answer on forum and you, yourself will have an update to the case which is problematic for you - please edit the forumpost instead of creating a new one. It helps us to keep the forum cleaner (+many people subscribes via email - you know what it means Wink

    Thanks and hope to see you more here :>

  • I have had this problem there are 2 things to check to see that you local clock is correct

    /usr/sbin/ntpdate pool.ntp.org

    The second thing that you can check that your time zone is set in the to the proper time zone

    sudo nano /usr/share/airtime/public/.htacces

    update the settings
    sudo airtime-update-db-settings

    My server was out of date by 5 hours. once it was fix, the songs played when they were supposed to.
  • I have checked local time - it is correct.
    After last timeout it has benn working for 4 days.

    I will try to update db settings.