Problems with playlists ( 25 of em ) after the monitor server crashed
  • Dear Airtimees,

    after 1,5 week of perfect operation, the media monitor service crashed. I had to manually restart it but it left airtime with no songs in the playlist builder. I therefore had to remove and add the watched folder again.

    Now we have around 25 hours of playlists that won't play anymore. and that won't show up when trying to add them to the calendar ( there still visible and editable but totally empty in playlist view ) I figure it has something to do with how file information is stored atm. Do the songs get the same id when entered back into the database ?

    Second question that rises. Is there a simple way to back up the playlist in case of a crash ( there is 45 hours or more work in those ). And if you back em up wil you be able to reuse em in a fresh install of airtime ?

    jeroen ( Radio A6 )
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    Good point, I've created a ticket for that:

    Vote for it if you are interested...
  • After refreshing the monitor service the log comes down with the following error message after a while

    2011-10-11 08:22:23,115 ERROR - [MainThread] [ : <module>()] : LINE 92 - Exception: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc3 in position 30: ordinal not in range(128)
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    If you are on an x64 version of debian/ubuntu, i don't really know (i think airtime have declarations problems ...but ...)

    if you are on an x32 try this, that's working fine for me : sg_12859
  • Cheers Albert,

    Using the 32 bit version. The code fixed the error indeed. So part of the problem is gone.

    Still left with those empty playlists and no way to back em up

    Jeroen (Radio A6)
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    I'm thinking that a postgresql problem...
    what said postgresql error log ?
  • No error in the log

    but the playlists are still empty and no idea how to back em up.

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    Did you try to reinstall airtime ?
    did you try to repair postgresql table ?
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    The problem here is that you removed the watched folder - once you do that,
    any references to those files in Airtime will disappear, including items in
    the playlist and in the schedule. What I dont quite understand is why you
    did that? You said that there were no files in the library? Is that

    - Paul

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    I haven't see that
    that's true
    remove folder erase everything
  • I have the same problem, i am currently watching a network drive, if the network drive goes down the watch folder gets erased, there for all of the play lists get erased, so if i have a power outage, and my airtime server boots before my network storage device, i loose all play lists in airtime.

    is there a way to manually force the server to re index the watch folder, currently i have 41000 songs in that folder that must be refreshed if my nas boots up before the airtime server. and the fastest way to get it to refresh is to back up and reinstal airtime.
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    you can also use airtime-import in command line Wink
  • I am curious if we could temporarily patch the problem by changing the delete routine to set file length to 0 sec. or something like that, that way when the song comes back it you extend the play time to the full play time. I am pretty new here so i don't know if that would be a possible easy fix, or something that would take a long time to rework. But i am sure others have the same problems
  • I can't exactly import the 5.7TB storage NAS to my 250 Local Hdd. so watching is the only way i can get these things to work together nicely, without spending way more money.

  • @Paul.

    I removed the watch on the watched folder ( not the folder itself ) because it failed to import and made monitor unhappy. No Songs would show up in Airtime because of it. I recreated the link after the monitor problem was fixed ( thanks to Albert ). I would expected it to create the same links ( ids ) for mp3 files in the database. Wondering what happens to a playlist when i delete or move a file. In ideal circumstances Airtime should know the file is deleted or moved. So it automaticly skips it in Airtime ( and marks it as invalid in the playlist ). With a moved file the link in the playlist should be automaticly updated so playlists will never be broken.

    Same goes if i ever have a server crash or need to install airtime on a new pc. The files will still have to be reimported. Then all the playlists ( which are a lot of work ) are void. Isn't there a way to store the files based on the hashtag of a file in the database ? ( so its always to be found )

    Currently there is no way to store/restore all the work we do/did on a new system and have functional playlists. So currently where not able to use airtime, as the music editors refuse to refill the playlist when they can be lost in the blink of an eye. I kinda agree with em as they put in a lot of work ( over 48 hours ) and I have now way to ensure any backup in case that happens.

    Jeroen (Radio A6)
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    That's a great idea !

    Perharps that's not so difficult to do Wink

    an automatic export of playlists and calendar events could be done on an external table, and reimported on demand (with overwrite process Wink
  • Running Ubuntu 64 bit and airtime 2.0.3
    I too store all the content on an NAS

    So far I've had playlists bork (end up empty) a couple of times destroying hours of work

    Of course, this is an open source software package so I cannot complain too much
    Removing the watch folder really broke it the first time so I cannot suggest doing that

    It was suggested I:
    1) reinstall the software and that didn't work
    2) restart the media monitor using: sudo service airtime-media-monitor restart
    and that didn't work

    I was able to backup the postgre database and restore it so at least in the future I won't lose everything but
    is there any way to recover the playlists or are they toast?


  • Hi Bob,

    Unfortunately, the playlists are not recoverable. This kind of situation will be handled gracefully in 2.1.

    Thank you.