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  • hello,

    i have a suggestion for two new feature to make airtime more easy to use

    the first one is the possibilty to add the file directly in the show, because now we need to add the file in a playlist and then add the playlist in the show in calander

    but some time we have a file for 1 hour and half and we prefere add directly

    the second when is for adding file in playlist, i think now it's not very confortable to add file in playlist if we add like 50 file in the same playlist so i ask if it's possible to use a selection file method. for exemple in this picture we select wich file and the just accepte

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    Both are good suggestions and those are things we are planning to implement
    at some point in the future.

  • i think you are working on it, so this one is just for the record: mutilingual interface! as a community, i'm sure there will be a lot of hands to help the translation on every language