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  • Have just installed the latest version of Newscoop, then followed that with the installation of Zen Theme. All has gone beautifully, however when I go to place text into article through WYSIWIG, everything else on page works, such as Maps, Keywords,
    Images, just no text.
    Even when text inserted save or save and close not working!
    Can someone point me in right direction?
    Seems silly that everything else is working beautifully, just no ability to add article content
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    did you install ZEN and the sample database? i haven't installed the latest version yet, so i don't really know. the one thing that comes to my mind is that the article type field you are writing text in is not called the same as the one in the ZEN theme (full_text i think). this would result in a similar problem because maps, title, authors would show correctly since they are "fixed" in the system. flexible elements like article-types require that in the template $gimme->article->fieldname is accurate. that comes from the power of $gimme - and the separation of business and presentation logic.

    from this distance this is the only thing that comes to mind.

    hope this helps, micz
  • I can see in the article.tpl from the Zen theme what part you are talking about ($gimme->article->full_text), what would be your recommendation for the next step? Do I have to do some renaming in the physical files them selves, or is there settings that I can change in the admin panel?

  • Micz,

    Your comments much appreciated.
    We are going to try a re install and load template after we have installed Newscoop. Techie feels that the issue lies in the database configuration.
    Will give it a try and will post outcome!
    Otherwise Newscoop rocks, looks amazing on the I Pad, very cool!
  • Hi Matt,

    If I recall correctly, there are known issues with WYSIWYG editors and iOS. I filed this ticket for it a while ago, but unfortunately it's still open:


    Hope this helps!

    Douglas Arellanes
    Director of Innovation
    Sourcefabric, o.p.s.

    Find a way or make one.
  • Doug,

    Thanks for the update, much appreciated.
    Such a shame, but with any Open Source software, you get brilliant stuff, but you get bugs too!
    Lets hope it's not too long before issue is fixed!
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    this is only related to using the admin interface on iPad or iPhone. if that is the case, yes, doug's mail is correct. if you have the same issue on your desktop / laptop, then the issue is something else.

    and thanks for the thumbs up on the ZEN theme.
  • Mike and Doug,

    Thanks for both comments, however issue is with desktop and laptop at present, have not tested on I Phone or I Pad, aside from asthetic value Smile
    Will try doing with Newscoop install then follow with Zen, and see where that leads us!
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    On Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 9:50 AM, Matt Hampton
    <newscoop-support@lists.sourcefabric.org> wrote:

    > Thanks for the update, much appreciated.
    > Such a shame, but with any Open Source software, you get brilliant stuff, but you get bugs too!
    > Lets hope it's not too long before issue is fixed!

    Just for the record, it is a shortcoming of iOS, which Apple is
    seemingly addressing, not a bug of TinyMCE or any other modern
    javascript WYSIWYG editor (proprietary or open source).

    But your concrete problem is something else, as Micz indicated in the
    other mail.

    All the best,

  • Hi Matt,

    Latest version you mean 3.6.0 RC3, right? only to make sure Wink

    Can you please give us more details on the steps you made to get the ZEN theme installed and working and then to get the error?

    I just did a fresh installation and I was able to add/edit content without any problem.

    Thank you very much.
  • Holman,

    My apologies, it's not the 3.6, but the latest 3.5 version with the Zen theme!
  • I believe Micz assumption is correct in it being a field error. As it reads the title input part of the page, just not the full_text, is there some standard field name that this field name should be aside from full_text or something?

    I have 3.5.2 installed as I saw that was the backup version used in the Zen theme (There is a file saying "BACKUP-VERSION-3.5.2" in the Zen theme folders).