Problems with the Media Monitor feature
  • Dear Airtimers,

    I am totaly in love with the new version of Airtime, again i am amazed by the new features and improvements since the last version. Keep up the good work ! Where intensivly testing and using the software in our production enviroment.

    Im running into a slight problem though with the monit feature. The problem is when i move a song from one location to another ( move the file from one dir to a next ) they song gets listen twice in the airtime interface. When testing it proved not to be available for download. the other version did. Is there any way to remove those entries without purging and refilling the database ?

    Radio A6

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    Thanks for the bug report, we are checking into the problem and will get
    back to you. The feature you are referring to is called the "media
    monitor". Monit is a different program that isnt developed by us. :)
    - Paul

  • I stand corrected Wink changed the topic title as well. I tough you where using the monit program to monitor the changes.

  • We are using the monit program to monitor our library monitor Very Happy.

    When you say you're moving a file from one directory, please give us the details. Do you have multiple watched directories defined in the Airtime preferences? Are you moving files between these watched directories?

    Please give us the list of your watched directories you have defined, and the source and destination directories when you are copying a file.
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  • Hi,

    We are closing to releasing 1.9.2, and would like to confirm whether your bug still exists. Could you please detail your steps? Smile
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  • The problem still exist.

    our Directory thats being watched is called /music.

    it contains a directory with various music called various

    we made new directories in /music to sort by year like 1960-1965
    and copied some of the music to there.

    So simply said:

    watched dir: /music

    /music/various/selected.mp3 to /music/1960-1965/selected.mp3

    As far as i can see, monit picks up the change but the old location does not get removed from the database.

    Jeroen (Radio A6)

  • This problem should be fixed in 1.9.3. There will be an announcement of this release soon.
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  • Cheers,

    Ill install the new version later this evening. Im mutch obliged by the fast fix for this problem. One question though, should i purge the database and let it be refilled or will the double entries be resolved after upgrading ? Intuition says: purge the database to be sure

    Radio A6
  • You shouldn't have to purge. Try the following from the command-line and see if this fixes your duplicate problem:

    sudo service airtime-media-monitor restart
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