Using Airtime with nginx and/or Apache.
  • Some info from Daniel James (in response to some Twitter questions) that may be of use to people...

    1) Can you use Airtime with nginx?

    In theory, but it's not documented anywhere, as far as I know.

    2) Why and how does Airtime use apache?

    For the administration interface, using PHP and jQuery. In a typical broadcaster, only the staff would use the administration interface, rather than the listeners. The staff are relatively few, so there wouldn't be much memory/performance benefit to using nginx in place of Apache.

    The Liquidsoap stream generator typically uses way more system resources than Apache does, especially CPU.

    If you're really curious. I'd suggest installing Airtime with Apache first, then attempting to port the configuration over to nginx. You'd need something set up to handle the PHP and an equivalent to the .htaccess file at least. Let us know how you get on Smile



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    Useful link to convert htaccess rules to ngix Wink