Some features that would make Airtime even better
  • Hi everyone!

    I'm new user of Airtime and I must admit that this project is one of the best i've seen on the web latly! (even better than Google+ Very Happy )

    I'm an old user of MediaBox404... this system was cool and powerfull but too hard to use for non geeks!

    however MDB404 had some cool features that are missing in AirTime:
    - default playlist playing when nothing is on Air
    - play random songs from a playlist
    - automatic Jingles added to the playlist every 15mn

    I would love to see those features on the next version of Airtime!

    Keep up the good work

    Younes from Marrakech Wink
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  • Nice features request Smile I'd like to see those features too! Smile
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    In my vision, Airtime should be more hook-able. It will allow to implement by community huge amount of plugins which adds small features like randomized playlists. The Sourcefabric can not implement all useful features but we need to implement the possibility to extend airtime by third developers.
    Look at Vanilla forum implementation. **Any** core function can by overrided by plugin. It's an answer why so many plugins there which extends feature limited base vanilla forum.
  • @Andrey +1000
    That will be even better!
    Giving the possibility to creat and add plugins will help to make Airtime even more creative and innovative!
    It's true that we (as users) feel like we are a bit limited by this tool. We depend on what features you will add to your next version... any plans on making Airtime more "hook-able"? Smile
    However I still think that "default playlist" needs to be a core feature of AirTime!
    Thx for you answer!
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    I'm agree with you Very Happy
  • I just experiment an other thing that will be really cool to add!
    I saw that for the 1.9 you will add a new roll: "Program Manager"... that's a very good idea!
    But I don't understand why you give the same permission as the admin to access to all the music uploaded... each profils should be able to access only to the music they uploded and not the music uploaded by others...
    I think you really need to improve the profils permissions and rights...
    Keep up the good work!
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  • Using plugins to extend airtime it's a great idea, i hope that you will implement this feature really soon because, as you can see, there are a lot of developers interested in producing new features for airtime!

    Do you have a release date for this or it's not planned yet?
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    If you following the roadmap, during the fall of this year Wink

    but airtime must be at the GSOC (google summer of code) the next year Wink, I hope Very Happy

    Airtime seems to be a great application, but some features are missing to be used in production, like say younesdesign...
  • @AlbertFR
    I searched in but i can't find a wishlist issue for plugin's api.

    Did you write an issue for that? Can you post me the link? Thanks Smile
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    The difference between admin and program manager user types is that program managers cannot adjust preferences, user accounts and media folders on the Configure menu. There is now a user type of 'DJ' which is suitable for users who are only allowed to manage their own shows. So program managers are above DJs but below admins in the user hierarchy.
  • Cool! that's another greit news!
    One last thing... why you didn't add the possibility to listen to tracks directly on the "Playlist Builder"... everytime I wanna make a playlist I need to go to my local file in my computer to listen to the tracks I want to add... Confused
    It would have been much more easier to listen to the songs and the playlist directly on the AirTime interface... Cool
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