ANTI-SPAM measures for Subscription
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    possibly I just set up subscriptions faultily, but right now (after already having to delete two spammed subscriptions) I wonder whether it might be possible to have antispam measures with the subscription form?
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    Hi again,

    and I dare say a more advanced antispam is also needed for comments. The site is live now for 6 weeks and I started to see comment spam 5 days ago. First one, the next day 5 and this morning I had to ban and delete 23 comment spam postings. Comments are set to be moderated, so nothing reaches the publication itself, but it is of course highly enervating.

    A more advanced captcha maybe? And maybe also a special set of question and answer prior to submitting a comment (else discard)?


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    new recaptcha plugin will be introduced today in next bug fixes release 3.5.2
    upgrade your site and follow the instructions:
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    Phantastic - you guys truly rock!