Backup-Restore in Windows/Xampp
  • Hi,

    Is that possible to work with Backup/Restore in Windows7/Xampp since it can not run shell commands ?

    Everytime I try to create a new backup I get :


    Campsite Backup Utility

    Unable to create the default backup directory.
    Please run this script as 'www-data' or as 'root'.

    Alternatively, can I make updates by using copy/paste method and update DB using phpMyAdmin/Import method ?

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    You can make backup manually:

    1. Copy folders: conf, images, files, templates
    2. Make db dump by mysqldump utility or via phpmyadmin

    Restore procedure:

    1. Clear folders: images, files, templates, templates_cache
    2. Restore folders: conf, images, files, templates
    3. Restore db dump by mysql utility or via phpmyadmin
  • Thank you ! I didn't know the critical folders to copy/paste.