Campsite 3.4.1 Security Update
  • A potential XSS vulnerability has been fixed with the latest Campsite release, which also improves session handling to avoid logged user session grabbing via CSRF attack. The vulnerability was discovered by High-Tech Bridge SA, Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing.

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    Information on the XSS vulnerability

    The developers have also taken this opportunity to improve the universal list function that allows the user to choose how to list articles in the admin interface and search those articles, as well as further update the UI redesign. The next Campsite update is due at the end of August.


    - CSRF (Cross-site request forgery) protection implemented
    - Multiple general UI changes and fixes
    - Number of parameters in the articles search list reduced
    - Improved session handling to avoid logged user session grabbing via CSRF attack

    Bugs Fixed:

    - On backup data restore the file system_preferences.php is now - deleted
    - The restore script no longer crashes if the files/images directory didn't exist in the package
    - Layout errors in the universal list solved
    - Campsite installer no longer crashes on Windows
    - Missing default admin permission sorted
    - Feedback function working correctly
    - Universal list now working if topic has " in title.
    - Plugin installation difficulties solved
    - UTF strings show up properly in email notifications
    - User input is correctly filtered out
    - Field values now change correctly in the universal list
    - Pagination and sorting now working properly in staff-user-admin of campsite
    - Localizer now supports languages with different country code (e.g. zh_CN - simplified , zh_TW - traditional)

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