How is Campcaster like SAM2?
  • Hi. I am a total Noob. I am broadcasting on FM and Internet. I am using SAM2 using server Shoutcast. I have heard that most non Windoze applications have a hard time using Shoutcast. I want off this Windoze machine and I have a great copy of Karmic on a nice enough machine. What are my chances of making Campcaster work for me. I could spend several hours looking into how Campcaster works but I don't want to spend the hours until I get the short answer. This is a GREAT looking program. I can't hardly believe it is free. Thanks Red.
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    we are currently working with open broadcast to come up with a fresh feature list. they are using campcaster and it works for them. so you should try Smile and feedback into our development. web streaming is something that we have not included in the core of campcaster. but that is easily set up on the side. the main issue for reworking right now are the playout system for studio and scheduler - meaning the live studio and the pre-scheduled playlists. we are also looking for better ideas to do ad management and tracking.