[campsite-dev] Lock function
  • There is one more thing that campsite should have. Lock the admin
    interface function.
    I have no idea how to do that, but it is almost "must have" for Article
    Mover addon.
    Right now Article Mover has no autodetection of Article Types, but in
    case we will try to make it as addon, we need to add some. This
    autodetection will go through database structure and checks for possible
    locations of links (all Body Text fields).
    This "initialization" will be done during the Article Mover start, it is
    vice to lock some campsite functions during the time Article mover is
    being used.
    It would be fine to lock Add_Article_Type function and
    Modify_Article_Types functions.
    The other locks are fine from my point of view, because article is moved
    as the first and links are changed after this. Therefore if someone adds
    new article and creates internal link to the moved article, he links the
    new location already. However if someone is editing the article with
    internal link to moved article, he overwrites the corrected article with
    the bad one in his campfire editor.

    I do not expect we solve this soon, but the Article Mover is the first
    application that would need this mechanism to work and I suggest to
    think about these prior the 3.0 to ensure the PHP version of campsite
    will be capable of this feature to be added.


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