RE: BookType (Not Newscoop) so reposting here
  • Dear ALL,

    Is there someone that can help direct me on "How to" install Booktype as the instructions for both the "Automated" and Manual installation do not work: This is a brand new server where I have full root access and nothing running on it except Ubuntu and Booktype.

    1) The Automated Install fails at the =:  sudo apt install booktype    part as it will not download/install booktype: I noticed a number of queries on the internet on this but there was no real answer to the problem. Also manually downloading the nightly builds and running that also fails with errors so even that workaround is riddled with problems.

    2) The Manual process is riddled with far too many Python stumbling blocks so that never works. The odd part about it is even if you install Python 3 you still end up getting a 2.X version when  you do a show version. How that tallies I have no idea.

    Even when you change the _base.txt file to represent you still get a failure constantly saying something like this where the gitDB number changes based on your change in the _base.txt file: So just too many stumbling blocks in teh install process
    Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement gitdb>=4.0.1

    Hopefully someone has an install process that "works" on Ubuntu 18 that they can share as the documentation fails badly when it comes to the basic installation.

    Thanks Fuquan