Smartblock - plays same tune multiple times at end of slot
  • Hi
    I'm trying to understand smartblocks. We use a static smartblock playlist to play music from a library in between scheduled shows.
    I've noticed that before every show the smartblock plays the same tune multiple times. It's getting on my nerves and I can't get my head round it.
    I wonder if anyone could give me some advice. TIA.

    It's a static smartblock
    criteria: length greater than 30 secs (so the jingles won't be included) and less than 30 mins (so the uploaded prerecorded shows won't be included). 
    sort tracks: randomly
    limit to 500 items

    Will the same tracks be played in the same order each day the smartblock is scheduled? (not desirable, if so. think we switched to static not dynamic smartblock to get round another buggy issue that I can't remember right now)
    We get the smartblock to play via a Rotation that we select in the Edit page.

    Seems to me something's up if the same (annoying!) track gets played like 4 or 5 times at the end of the slot. It's a 4 min track. I could understand it if it always played once at the end of the slot if it was eg 1 min long as there probably aren't many tracks of that duration in the library of tracks. But no.