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  • Best Vacuum Cleaners In This Year: All You Need To Know!

    Reading thousands of reviews on best vacuum cleaners does not mean that you can buy a vacuum that really fulfills your specific needs. And with various options available on the market, it is even harder for ones to pick out a device that lives up to their expectations.

    Some may argue that we can easily pick one simply by searching “What is the best rated vacuum cleaner" on Google. However, the thing is that what good for you is not necessarily what good for me. Every home is different; your needs and their needs are not the same. You may enjoy cleaning while they don't; they may be allergic to dust when you are not. So, mind what reviews and ratings show but do not forget to look into your own needs:

    What is a vacuum cleaner that fits me perfectly?

    There are several questions you should ask yourself to identify which one is the best suit for you:

    • Do you and your family members suffer from allergies? If yes, choose a vacuum with a HEPA filter.
    • Do you like vacuuming, or do you have time to do it? If not, buy a robot vacuum.
    • Which types of floor you need to vacuum? Bare floors will require bare-floor brush while height adjustment head is necessary to clean carpets.
    • Do you want to vacuum more than just floors? Check the attachments and also how to use them. Typically, the more accessories, the more things your vacuum can cover.

    Then, what is a good vacuum to buy in 2020?

    Depending on ones’ needs and budgets, each person has different favorite vacuum cleaner model. Every segment has some outstanding models, so we have several recommendations for you as below:

    The best vacuum cleaner for home: Dyson V10 Absolute

    The best wet dry vacuum: Craftsman 12004 6 Gallon

    The best vacuum for allergy sufferers: Shark Navigator NV352

    The best robot vacuum: iRobot Roomba S9+

    The best vacuum for bare floors: Shark Duo Clean NV803

    The best vacuum for carpet: Miele Complete C3

    The best lightweight vacuum: Oreck Compact BB1200

    The best vacuum under 100$: Bissell 9595A

    How to keep my vacuum cleaner for years?

    So after spending hours asking lots of people “What’s a good vacuum cleaner to buy?” you are confident that your vacuum is an unbeatable device that will help you clean every corner in minutes. For most homeowners, a vacuum cleaner is a long-term investment of up to ten years. And like any investment, a vacuum cleaner needs to be taken care of, to work as effectively as it can and last as long as possible. Here are three maintenance tips for maintaining your vacuum cleaner:

    1. Replace the bag when it is 2/3 full

    The first step and also the easiest step to keeping your vacuum cleaner in good condition is replacing the bag regularly. Many people think that the vacuum bag only needs to be replaced when it is full. However, the best solution is to replace the bag when it is 2/3 full. You can indicate the bag is full through several signs, especially when you vacuum an area and then discover that some debris is not there before or abnormal low suction power compared to the previous time.

    Another issue related to the bag is whether your bag is attached correctly. It may sound easy for you, but each brand and each type of vacuum has different ways of attaching. So, if this is the first time you use the vacuum of this brand, it may be somewhat difficult for you. If the bag is not attached as it should, you will find dirt and dust filling inside your vacuum cleaner, which will, of course, damage your vacuum.

    Last but not least, do not forget to buy the correct bags for your model. If you purchased your model several years ago, let's stock some bags. There are many new models every year; you just cannot know when the manufacturer stops producing bags of your model.

    2. Clean the brush roll after every use

    Even when you own one of the best vacuum cleaners on the market - Top rated vacuum cleaner, your brush roll needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure the vacuum works efficiently. After the cleaning, there are always some items that wrap around the roll, preventing it from working effectively. You can either remove these objects by removing the roll or keeping it in place, as long as you feel comfortable doing so. However, if it is the first time you clean your brush roll, it is better to keep it in place unless you really know how to put it back on. In case there are lots of human hair and per hair wrap around the brush, do not pull it, use a pair of scissors instead.

    If your house is covered with carpets or you are living with pets, you may need to remove those things several times during your cleaning as the removal allows the suction power to be strong as it should be, making the cleaning go smoother and easier

    If you are using a bagless model, it is advisable that you also empty the receptacle after each use.

    3. Check your filter every month

    Modern vacuums are often equipped with filters to capture particles and allergens in the air, enhancing your indoor air quality. Cleaning the filter is not as easy as cleaning the other parts, so take a look at the manual to see how to detach it properly. If your filter is washable, you need to shake it then rinse it under cold water. Make sure it is fully dry before putting it back on. On the other hand, if it is a non-washable filter, you need to check how often it should be replaced and where to buy the new filter before buying the vacuum.

    Remember that even when you own the best vacuum cleaner in the world, your vacuum cleaner still needs to get the proper care. And just by a couple of minutes of cleaning, it can add years to its life.


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