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Superdesk install script
  • *** Edit 12/10/2020
    The version I edited seems to work okay on Ubuntu 18.04. It fails on Ubuntu 20.04 during npm install, more specifically when installing node-sass with a 404 error. Installing node-sass v5 is easy enough but the script still tries to install v4.12.0 which just doesn't work on U20. 

    You can install with:

    or visit my site. This is simply an edit of one of the script used in the docs and it usually more recent versions of Node.js, MongoDB and Elasticsearch.


    I don't know if there's any need or use but I did modify the current script for a fresh install on Ubuntu 19.10. It's still imperfect and needs some testing. Currently set to install off the master branch with publisher and analytics (unless I totally missed something). Currently no simple setup for domain name and mail settings.

    I have my script and an email address at bmgid.com

    Feedback is welcome of course.
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  • Do you think it could work on 18.04 or 20.04 - both of which are LTS versions of Ubuntu? I would recommend using an LTS distribution version of Ubuntu as you don't have to upgrade to in-between versions.

  • I am trying to install on 20.04 and I use the command in the install article and it has an issue with the ppa not have an appropriate release file. Any ideas or do I need to download and install that way?
  • I am currently working on an updated version as this does not currently work on 20.04. As far as I know it does work on 18.04. I have also run into a couple issues that seem a bit odd.

    The current plan is to touch this one up for one shot install on 18.04 and finish the 20.04 script.
  • I am trying to install on 20.04 and I use the command in the install article and it has an issue with the ppa not have an appropriate release file. Any ideas or do I need to download and install that way?

    Until I finish the edit you will need to install that way. The only reason it hasn't been completed yet is I was pulled away for a bit. I will be working on it later today and my hope is it will not take long. Stay tuned.

  • I just published what I have for install scripts on my site. You can visit http://bmg.dirigo.us or run them directly:

    curl -s http://bmg.dirigo.us/install | sudo bash

    or for Ubuntu 20.04:

    curl -s http://bmg.dirigo.us/install20 | sudo bash
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  • I will test your installation process, Bryan. I'll get back to you with my findings.

    If I were you I would create install scripts for:
    18.04 (LTS)
    20.04 (LTS)

    I wouldn't bother with non-lts versions as it would mean upgrading when you get to those seasonal upgrades.


  • Hello Bryan, Trond...
    has anyone successfully installed Superdesk 2.0 RC on Ubuntu 18.04?

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  • I have been out of the game for a bit. I very recently made minor edits for the RC to be installed on Ubuntu 16.04LTS. I know it's a step backward but I'll be making some changes soon.
  • Correction.

    I have seemingly installed Superdesk on Ubuntu 18.04 successfully. The script I edited/used is on the discussion titled Superdesk RC Installation as well as http://dirigo.us/bmg/2020/09/28/superdesk-rc-installation/
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  • I have been working on moving stuff to a different domain. I have recently moved and tried the following:

    This script still installs from the master github repo. 

    It should be noted, this does not install the planning and assignment modules by default. The demo or RC installations do.
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  • We have some beta install instructions for getting Superdesk setup in a couple of steps in a Docker environment. It's not 100% there yet (there are still a few bugs to iron out), but feedback would be greatly appreciated: https://gist.github.com/nickdbush/95d8dfee0fa49d8b4635ceac2d264a9d
  • Please reach out with any feedback to nicholas.bush@sourcefabric.org - we would greatly appreciate it!
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  • The docker installation works great from what I can tell. It is import to note that you do need to go through the docker installation steps on the linked page in step 1 for it to work.