Superdesk RC Installation
  • ***EDIT 11/12/20***
    With the changes that have been made, I have update my version of the install script to use the newest demo version 2.0.2. You can visit my page at 

    ***END EDIT*** 

    I have made a couple minor changes to the existing installation scripts. I have not made such changes as to automatically download the source. That part is easy enough to do. For my quick install I downloaded the source and extracted it to '/opt/' and then renamed the extracted folder to 'superdesk' to keep the path '/opt/superdesk/' for the script to work.

    Once that is set you can run:

    curl -s | sudo bash

    At the present time I have stepped it back to Ubuntu 16.04LTS. Sometime soon, I will update to allow for installation on 18 or 20. 

    You can provide feedback by email at or by visiting


    I have made some updates to allow installation on Ubuntu 18.04LTS. The new script also handles the download and extraction of the source code for the release candidate.

    curl -s | sudo bash

    It is important to note: On any public server you install to, you MUST secure your installation of MongoDB and Elasticsearch. The default installation of these two pieces of software do NOT require authentication. This means that anybody who finds your installation can delete your database and indexes within seconds.
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