Advice on a config
  • Hello,

    I will need your advice for a config please.

    The config is for a gateway / server / nas under Debian with
    very can of solicitation, no screen or X interface, postfix apache, mysql of
    the classic things.

    I need 6 sata ports and 2 RJ45 ports. For this config I will
    install a PCI card eth.

    2 DD of 1To for the raid system 1 (the 500mo are more

    2 DD of 2TO for a nas raid1

    Later another drive on the other SATA ports in raid1 too.

    I was told to take SSD drives for the system but I'm not
    very hot with these discs and if you still have to tinker to save writing
    readings I still prefer the old school.

    There will be no dual boot just linux and I was wondering if
    the bios will not bother me too much.

    Thank you for your feedback.