Python3 / Django 2 upgrade?
  • Hi!

    With Python 2.7 EOL arriving in a free months and already ended support for all Django 1.x versions... is there a chance to get a new Booktype version or do I just need to live with a in production security flaw? (In fact: no, I then need to stop to use Booktype. Your prices are way over the top for a small company like mine.)

    An (even negative) answer is appreciated.

    Thank you!
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  • Hi,

    According to a previous post, Booktype is no longer developed. It's still moving a bit (some commits in the github page), but nothing to let us think the team or someone else is working on a Python 3/ Django 2 port. And as you wrote, we have only 6 months left before Python2 and Django 1.11 are no longer maintained. As we (Flossmanuals) use Booktype to host our books and manuals, I'm very concerned about it.

    @Sourcefabric, do you have an idea on how hard would it be to port? There are tools to help moving from Python2 to 3, so I guess the effort would concentrate on testing and porting to Django 2... If you could at least port to Python 3, I can certainly help with testing and fixing some bugs or regressions, but I'm lacking time (and energy) to do everything myself.

  • Most of the upgrade is done already. I will create a fork of booktype with a new name soonish.
  • Thanks tomate! Don't hesitate to tell me when it's ready so that I can help you test your work.
  • Hello Tomate and Nicolas. We are always open for contributions. If you want you create a PR with the support for Python 3 and I'll be happy to review it and test it. Thanks!
  • Most things are running. I am not sure right now if I create a fork or a PR.
    As I needed an updated version for my organization and we threw some money on it to get the stuff done (which is still cheaper as the overpriced service you offer in the long run and after 6 months the costs are break even and from then we really save money) I am still thinking about forking. I am committed to open source software and I will somehow release this. But still: No idea in which state and if it will be a PR or a fork (with a new name)