Python3 / Django 2 upgrade?
  • Hi!

    With Python 2.7 EOL arriving in a free months and already ended support for all Django 1.x versions... is there a chance to get a new Booktype version or do I just need to live with a in production security flaw? (In fact: no, I then need to stop to use Booktype. Your prices are way over the top for a small company like mine.)

    An (even negative) answer is appreciated.

    Thank you!
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  • Hi,

    According to a previous post, Booktype is no longer developed. It's still moving a bit (some commits in the github page), but nothing to let us think the team or someone else is working on a Python 3/ Django 2 port. And as you wrote, we have only 6 months left before Python2 and Django 1.11 are no longer maintained. As we (Flossmanuals) use Booktype to host our books and manuals, I'm very concerned about it.

    @Sourcefabric, do you have an idea on how hard would it be to port? There are tools to help moving from Python2 to 3, so I guess the effort would concentrate on testing and porting to Django 2... If you could at least port to Python 3, I can certainly help with testing and fixing some bugs or regressions, but I'm lacking time (and energy) to do everything myself.

  • Most of the upgrade is done already. I will create a fork of booktype with a new name soonish.
  • Thanks tomate! Don't hesitate to tell me when it's ready so that I can help you test your work.