pasting into Indesign
  • Is there a way to keep formatting when pasting into indesign from
    Superdesk? When we paste it into indesign cc, the paragraph breaks are lost as well as
    the tab for the first line of new paragraph.
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  • Hello and thanks for your question.
    Unfortunately, there is no smooth way how you can simply copy an HTML and insert it into InDesign. InDesign does not "speak" HTML natively. You can find some discussions on stackoverflow about copy/pasting HTML to InDesign.
    Superdesk has an IDML output (InDesign markup language). You can configure a subscriber to output in IDML and simply drag and drop an exported file into InDesign. All HTML markup is converted to IDML during formatting and every HTML paragraph is represented as a separate text frame in InDesign.
  • Thank you for your response. I'm disappointed that there is not a seamless way of sharing with print programs.