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  • Experience Hon Mun Island self-sufficient travel, fares

    Hon Mun is one of the most famous attractions in Nha Trang. If you do not want to miss this interesting and beautiful destination, then immediately pocket the experience of Hon Mun Island self-sufficient travel, the fare below.

    Experience Hon Mun Island tourism 2019 cheap

    Traveling to Nha Trang cannot travel to Hon Mun, du lich you can consult information about travel experiences as well as specific suggested schedule schedule.

    Directions to Hon Mun: Directions, means, time

    Hon Mun is one of the most romantic islands in Nha Trang located to the east of Bong Nguyen Island where Tri Nguyen Aquarium is located. Hon Mun is 10km from Cau Da port and about 45 minutes by train. In the wharf area you can find many boats and canoes going to Hon Mun with reference prices as follows:

    For traveling to Hon Mun by canoe: VND 300,000 / time
    For moving to Hon Mun by boat: VND 250,000 / trip

    When should Hon Mun travel?
    Hon Mun in Nha Trang is a very famous sightseeing spot you can come here at any time of the year because of its mild climate and beautiful scenery. However, the best time to visit Hon Mun is from July to September, especially in August. At this time, the weather is sunny, cool and extremely suitable for cruising as well as participating in activities. with exciting sea and outdoors.

    Besides the peak tourist season, the room rates are also quite high so according to Hon Mun tourism experience you can also consider other times to come here.

    What is fun to travel to Hon Mun Island?

    It is called Hon Mun because in the southeast of the island there are many high limestone cliffs creating rugged cliffs and especially black caves like ebony rare in other places. Because of an extremely poetic landscape, Hon Mun is known as the most romantic island in the island system of Nha Trang.

    Tourists come here not only to see the beauty of the blue sea, white sand, golden sunshine, but also to discover a diverse ecology under the ocean where is known as the most beautiful rich palace in the Southeast. ASIAN. With favorable terrain and climate, Hon Mun is the place where extreme corals develop especially in the water about 10m. du lich viet Hon Mun has therefore been recognized as the first and only nature reserve in Vietnam by WWF World Wildlife Fund. According to the world's statistics, there are about 2000 types of corals and 1500 marine creatures in Hon Mun, of which there are 340 out of 800 corals in the world. The live museum of marine life is right at your feet.

    Coming to Hon Mun, you can also participate in many interesting tourist activities such as a floating bar drinking coffee and watching corals by glass bottom boat. But you need to really consider because the services on the Mun island are quite expensive.

    Coming to Hon Mun, visitors can participate in many interesting tourist activities such as floating bars, watching corals by glass-bottomed boats, scuba diving ... However, services at Hon Mun are very expensive.

    The note when traveling Hon Mun

    According to Hon Mun travel experience, you should rent a canoe to self-move to the island without going through boats or intermediaries. By doing this, you not only save money, but also be proactive in time. Along with that you should also build a roadmap and consider the services that will try at Hon Mun to avoid losing injustice and saving the cost of sightseeing. Activities on the sea are always a top priority as diving.

    Besides, you can buy tours to Hon Mun Island online with attractive prices only 812k to conveniently explore this pearl island.

    Above is a guide to Hon Mun Island 2019 self-sufficient travel, ticket prices hope you have more choices for your upcoming trip to Nha Trang. Remember to record the beautiful moments, so deep and about sharing with the forum because dulichfun is happy to accompany you on all roads.

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