Superdesk email setup (Postfix) on VPS to send real emails
  • Could anyone please help with the configuration of the Superdesk.

    We need Superdesk to send real emails.

    I already have tried to configure Postfix but with no success.

    The installation is on a VPS running Ubuntu 16.04.
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  • Check my answer in this thread

    ... hope that helps!


  • Hi,
    I have managed to install superdesk on a local ubuntu 16.04 server and also configured email for user creation thanks to your instructions. However, i am having the following challenges:
    1. Password reset notification links show " localhost" instead of domain name;
    2. I can set up rss ingest feed but gmail ingest keeps showing error testing connection in config;
    3. Also how to install SSL for superdesk.
    Kindly assist please.