Cannot Install on VPS
  • Cannot Install on VPS running Ubuntu 16.04

    cannot install 

    it demonstrates error in these aspects

    after it give depracted messages on most of the rest of the process

    any help would be appreciated - I managed to install using virtualbox no hitches but wish to move to a further independent environment for some testing and not managing

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  • Bernard,

    Wondering if you made some progress here...

    I am trying to install Superdesk on Ubutu 16.04 running within Azure.

    As you noted, I was able to get a full install going (no problems) running locally on Virtual Box, but due to security issues with Elasticsearch, I can't get things to proceed under the Azure VM setup.

    Local VM OK for testing, but I need to show my employers that I'm making progress here.. very frustrating!


  • Same issue here. Tried to install on a fresh Ubuntu 16.04 - unsuccessfully. Any ideas on eve / wooper / flake8 issue?