Input Stream
  • Hi, 

    I'm here hopeless after 3 days trying to connect anything to the Airtime input stream.
    I installed airtime following the guide on a Debian, Public IP server (no firewall), and all it's working fine, except Input stream.

    I tried to connect butt 0.1.13, 0.1.14, Mixx, RadioDJ with altacast
    I tried MP3, OGG
    I tried mountpoints with .ogg and without extension
    I tried to set the clients with / before and without slash
    I tried using source as source and empty
    I tried port 9000, 10000... sniffing with tshark and the traffic is there both ways

    I really don't know what more I can try.
    I really think the problem is with the liquidsoap

    If I connect directly to icecast is working.

    My target is to use butt 0.1.13

    Someone can help me?