Multiple Bullet List Formats

  • p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120%; }


    Is there a way for
    creating multiple bullet list formats that can be displayed in the
    html interface? I'm writing a book
    where there are specific instructions for people to do something e.g
    click a specific button or enter some data on a screen.

    In the past I've
    indicated this by using a different bullet list style (eg an arrow).
    I still need to use standard bullets list format for general use in
    the book (so it is not a replace all). Are multiple bullet list
    styles possible?



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    Hi Sharan,

    This is definitely possible, using a class on the unordered list to indicate the list-style-type. As you are a Booktype Pro user, I have opened a feature ticket for you at

    Please attach some examples to that ticket of the styles you would like. It's also possible to insert special graphics using a symbols font such as Font Awesome, if you have your own Booktype theme.