[Question] Superdesk Web Publisher Auth and Livesite Editor
  • With some warning, i have both Superdesk and Superdesk Web Publisher running and I can publish to SWP from Superdesk. 

    What I cannot achieve, is to auth to SWP and get Livesite Editor working. For the tests, on SWP part I am using the default theme, when I log in to SWP with Superdesk credentials, Livesite Editor does not appear, and from the console, I get a 404 error:

    Any advice, please?

    Thank you very much (i hope Rafał Muszyński  is in good mood today :) )
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    Hey Nalyk, 

    Livesite editor is not release yet - we work right now for authentication for it. 

    User authentication in default theme will be rewrote in next few days (looks like it's buggy). 

    You can't log log to SWP with superdesk credentials, you need to create new SWP user first (http://superdesk-publisher.readthedocs.io/en/latest/cookbooks/templates/users_registration_and_login.html). 

    You can register it or create by console command (don't forget to activate it then). In both cases you will probably need to promot that user to ROLE_ADMIN role (to use all api features) - it can be done by fos:user:promote command.