No tenant for host
  • I followed the "local" install instructions, i created default tenant as well as another tenant. I installed the theme for respective tenant/organisation, but i get a:

    ==> /var/log/nginx/ <== 2017/06/27 14:18:48 [error] 8481#0: *11325 FastCGI sent in stderr: "PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught SWP\Component\MultiTenancy\Exception\TenantNotFoundException: Tenant for host "" could not be found! in /var/www/

    can you please give me more details on what am i doing wrong and how can i fix it? thank you.

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    Hey Nalyk, 

    Tetants are resolved by your domain/subdomain. in your case you should have in your tenant propert domain set to: and subdomain set to: unimedia.

    You can manually change it in database (table swp_tenant).