How install Airtime 2.5.2 on server with NGINX
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    Hi, I really need your help, someone tell me how to install 2.5.2 on a server running NGINX. Apache is not installed, and will not be set. In versions prior to 2.5.2, there is a file installed on a server with NGINX. In the current version it is not. How to be in this situation ?

    Привет, мне очень нужна ваша помощь, кто подскажет как установить 2.5.2 на сервер под управлением NGINX. Apache не установлен, и устанавливаться не будет. В версиях до 2.5.2, есть файл установки на сервер с NGINX. В текущей версии этого нет. Как быть в данной ситуации ?
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  • Hello,

    Nginx is not supported with Airtime, only Apache. As part of the installation, Apache2 is installed and configured.

    Having said that, I used this thread to get me started using Nginx with Airtime: Note that this thread is very old so YMMV.

    Some time later, an update was pushed out for version 2.5 which broke my Nginx configuration so I ended up switching back to Apache. 

    Hope this help,