Login refreshes after default admin/admin login with no response.
  • Running airtime- on Ubuntu Linux 14.04.4.

    It will not let me login no matter what and I need some help! What can I do to fix this issue, it's giving no response saying what's happened and only the page refreshes, and the username and password fields go blank, no login no nothing.

    This is urgent, if someone can help, much appreciated.

    Thank you.
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  • you have made more than three incorrect login.

    in future start with defaults admin and when everything works . change but your solution is

    to reset login attempts:
    at the prompt type
    sudo -u postgres psql airtime

    you should now be at the airtime# prompt
    UPDATE cc_subjs SET login_attempts = 0;

    If by any chance you did not start with the defaults

    do these steps similarily to the above
    sudo -u postgres psql airtime
    airtime=# UPDATE cc_subjs SET pass = md5('admin') where login = 'admin';

    and you will be able to login in with username admin and password admin



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