Installation Needed
  • paid Developer needed to install Airtime on an Nginx server

    we need to use RTMP module to split the stream from the Video stream to run an audio to the Airtime

    current install -RED5 Is in the /root/red5-server folder. 

    RTMP modules installed, everything is up to date. 

    So we have CentOS, Nginx all up, running everything good to go

    please contact me if you have done this install before and can do it easily



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  • Getting up and running on CentOS is no easy feat. It's missing quite some packages. You might also be better off running on Apache rather than nginx, assumingly the underlying ZF1 runs much better on Apache.

    I have parts of the install working, but need to focus on first to make it possible. 

    What timeframe do you have in mind?
  • Hi Lucas

    my current apache server is too slow and causes issues with other programs - - i have been informed this is the fastest route to go down - especially given the need for the RTMP modules to split the audio stream into Airtime - if thats the wrong info - id be grateful for other opinions

    This is a once and for all fix - my server will not need to be changed after this so i am prepared to go through some pain to get it done if necessary

    thanks Dave