Find all .mp3s in a folder and move to .txt
  • Hi , Have successfully Installed Liquidsoap on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS , nOW i wan to direct my audio files in mp3s folder to playlist.txt Can someone guide me through Please.

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  • Please note you could just point your path to the directory but to have control over the playlist you want to either
    1. follow @Bashatee Radio  method here is the one I used
    for a new playlist each time
    find /srv/backup/files/test -type f -iname "*.mp3" > /srv/backup/playout/playlist/autodj.m3u

    so in your case it would be
    find /srv/backup/files/test -type f -iname "*.mp3" > /srv/backup/playout/playlist/myplaylist.txt

    there is a whole lot of write up about space in name file name.Overall I use pyrenamer to change all my file names with underscore  or "-" 

    why I use this.
    I found that if you use request dynamics and a playlist is remove liquidsoap go heywire

    so I have a script which check if autodj.m3u exsist and if its missing it will temporarily create one .

    Most people do not know that Liquidsoap can run a cron like script so here is my checker
    # This will ensure that if someone delete the playlist a new one is created

    def maintbuilt_playlist()
    command = "php /srv/backup/automation/autodj_php/startlist.php  > /dev/null 2>&1"
    log(label="rebuilding playlist.AutoDj playlist is missing",level=5,command)

    exec_at (freq=180.,pred=({00h00m-23h59m}),maintbuilt_playlist)     

    This script checks my playlist every 3 minutes and if its missing it rebuild it.
    That way should my playlist become empty a new one is created
    The load on the machine is negligible
    Good luck
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