Airtime on Debian Jessie 8.2 x64: Couldn't establish a connection to the database!
  • We are testing Airtime on Jessie 8.2 x64, and are stuck at this error message when first accessing the Airtime webserver:

    "Couldn't establish a connection to the database! Please check your credentials and try again. PDO Exception: SQLSTATE[08006] [7] FATAL: password authentication failed for user "airtime" FATAL: password authentication failed for user "airtime".

    I Googled this error message and found absolutely nothing. Can someone please help?
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  • Bob,

    Have you checked the other posts about in this forum?  Seems to me there was something about adding the user airtime to the database manually on some newer versions of Debian/Ubuntu
  • The only posts about that I found are from people that can't get it running because of problems. Sourcefabric said they had some fixes in the work, but I haven't seen any updates. If you look at their GitHub, it's pretty much dead:

    So I have no idea how to get around this error, without specific instructions on what to do. I don't see what I could be doing wrong, though, as it's a clean install of Debian and then I ran the installer for

  • It's been a while, but I believe I had to create a user and password for airtime manually in PostgreSQL through the CLI. 

    Try that and running the installer again. 
  • Ahh run into this one myself.

    You probably have installed postgres without a version. Something like
    apt-get install postgresql

    Uninstall postgres and install it with a version like 9.4
    apt-get install postgresql-9.4

    Then run the installer.