Can't access Airtime via LAN
  • I keep getting nxdomain error in web browser. I was able to get it in localhost, but there was no captcha code. I'm assuming this is related to https, but I haven't used airtime in a while. I've tried with 12.04 and 14.04 without any success. Attempted to change and recreate ssl cert without any luck. I've also tried through both server and desktop versions. Seems like I'm at a full stop.
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  • Nope, still have the same problem. Can get through the step-by-step web config just fine. As soon as I need to access the https login screen, I can't connect in any way, shape or form.

    Looks like I got it figured out. For those who have a similar problem, you need to install found here:
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  • Updated, same problem with
  • Finally got everything figured out. Chrome will not, under any circumstances, open airtime on the local network. Firefox is working so far. I'll have to test the stream from an external network tomorrow. So far it seems fine.
  • a screenshot would be appropriate.
    what I think your are getting is the dreaded privacy block in chrome.
    somewhere to the bottom you should see a link to proceed.
    Check this write up in the manual for futher references
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