For people importing daily/weekly podcasts of uncertain length. E.G. News etc
  • Why? So you can add a repeating linked show, with the same filename and length, that imports a pod and and pads it with content to show length. Example: a daily news mp3 that may be between 40 minutes and one hour. Result? You get a 1 hour show +- 0.00s. In this way you can have automatically imported repeating shows - without surprises.

    Details: I have a written a working script, integrated into my RSS importer, but could be used stand-alone. It makes a single mp3 from an imported long podcast track - prepends it with a station ID track and advert, from a named folders, pads the whole thing out, cross faded, to a total fixed show length using randomized tracks from a named folder - with no repeating items within a show. Every track used is normalised for 'no surprises'. It can fade out the end of the show or not (the use of that would depend if you are using crossfade). It gives the track a genre of show-latest. Add that to a linked repeating show and forget it. In comes a complete program. The show file always has the same name and length. I use it on a cron-job import.

    Why no code attached? I will not put it here because of the responses of monumental length, previously received on many occasions, from one particular member who the moderators refuse to moderate. I am not ever going to feed that troll again.

    Interested parties may Skype me for code. If you did not understand this post - it is not for you. I am john_chewter on Skype.

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  • thanks John, you rock!