Featured article lists (aka Playlists) will not save or populate info on frontpage. Blank area.
  • Running Newscoop 4.2.3 on Debian (wheezy). Was publishing a new story to Featured Article List>Front page within the "GlobalNews" theme and the entire thumbnail with titles and teaser info disappeared. I tried clearing the server cache and it shows my four articles in the dropbox area but when you view/preview website the stories do not populate. I rebooted the server and interesting enough... the dropbox area carries none of the four stories it originally showed. Its empty. I have also noticed that the date of featured articles at CONTENT>Featured Article Lists>Featured Articles shows a date with all zeros. What does that mean, is it the problem? Tried drag and drop again with the same results on the website. Is this a bug? What do I need to do to eliminate this? I have attached screenshots. 3) Website display with section missing. 2) How drag and drop area appeared normal after clearing cache. 1) How drag and drop area appears after reboot.
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  • Problem solved. It was a "Listing" issue. Republished and the problem solved itself.