Asterisk Phone Ins -> Airtime revisited - Any tips?
  • I have an asterisk (11) setup on the same box as Airtime (not using the latest version because of Opus support - no patches - legal issues). It is working well Sip to Sip and conference (phone in).
    I am about to try testing this with Airtime. Asterisk has a stream out feature (ICES) designed & tested with Icecast(2). Has anyone tried connecting AT 2.5x to this directly as a Web Stream? Was it 'choppy'? Is there a better way?
    Any experiences good or bad welcomed.
    No longer using Airtime or Libretime.
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  • Skype.
    The Cheapest and easiest way to go

    in USA
    Two Magik Jack download the desktop App and use the line out

    Asterisk needs DiD number (cost number 1) connected to SIP provider (cost number 2)

    Also expect serious changes in SIP communications this year,The demand has increase,and there is a lot of acquistions and mergers going on,some of the freebies and going to cost more.

    i am using Incredible pbx and the talk is loud


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  • Thanks for that Voisses.
    Mine is an a remote server - I am using it for SIP Phone-In shows (SIP conference) using OPUS
    No hardware access available.
    No longer using Airtime or Libretime.