Logging Shows that are one long Prerecorded Mp3 files
  • Most of the shows that come to the station are pre recorded mp3 files. We like this as we can easily re distribute the show as a podcast .

    MP3 files, as we currently receive them, include only one tag for the genre, many shows have multiple music genres.

    We need to track the songs played for reporting, tracking and logging purposes.

    How do you track, log and account for the music played when it is in a show as one long mp3 file?
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  • No easy way to do this but here are two suggestion

    • Use a software like getidv3 and test if it can locate the headers if they were saved in the Track
    • Use some thing like audacity to split and label the track

    Lets say you music played at point A to point B in the track and they are say 15 tracks with intervals of every 120 secons(2min).

    Just use audacity split the tracks and label appropriately

    The disadvantages of this is that

    1. you need track list before hand
    2. Songs tracks are not label precisely but it may appear they are being crossfade when you look st the metadata on the player(like vlc)

    Good Luck


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  • Thanks,

    We finally got our funding to patch AirTime and will include you comments to our patching team.

    Our first hire will be the Project Manager.

  • ... just thinking about this... isn't it really Audicity we need to patch to allow the chapters to be maintained when we export the mp3?

  • I fill our tags using a script that I wrote that automatically imports show content from external mp3 podcast sources. It automatically fills the mp3 tags on import.
    The code is in the Hacks section.

    No longer using Airtime or Libretime.